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    Windows 10 Education

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    Edition Type What is this?

    What are the differences between Full and N editions of Windows?

    The primary difference between the N and Full editions of Windows lies in their multimedia capabilities, with the N edition lacking certain media-related features due to European Union regulations. Offered at a lower cost, the N edition is ideal for users who don't require built-in multimedia features or prefer alternative media software. To cater to users wishing to expand their N edition functionality, our online store provides access to the Media Feature Pack, enabling them to enjoy a multimedia experience similar to the Full edition, making both options cost-effective and flexible for varying user preferences.

    Architecture What is this?

    32 or 64 bits: Which edition should I install?

    When selecting between 32-bit and 64-bit editions, consider your hardware and intended use. Choose 32-bit for unsupported processors or limited memory, and 64-bit for newer computers with over 4GB of memory. Check software requirements, as not all applications work on both. We can help you choose the best option.

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    Minimum System Requirements
    • License for: 1 PC
    • Processor: 1 Ghz
    • Architecture: 64 / 32 Bits
    • Minimum RAM: 2 GB (64 Bits) / 1 GB (32 Bits)
    • Minimum HDD: 20 GB (64 Bits) / 15 GB (32 Bits)

    Main Features

    Windows 10 Education comes with a range of features that make it an ideal operating system for educational institutions. Some of the key features include:

    • Cortana, a personal digital assistant that can help with tasks and answer questions
    • Microsoft Edge, a fast and secure web browser
    • Windows Ink, which allows users to write and draw on their device
    • Windows Hello, a biometric authentication system that allows users to log in with their face or fingerprint
    • Virtual Desktops, which allow users to create multiple desktops for different tasks


    • Enhanced security features to protect sensitive data
    • Access to the latest updates and features
    • Compatibility with a wide range of devices and software
    • Improved performance and speed
    • Easy deployment and management for IT administrators

    The Difference Between Windows 10 and its Previous Version

    Windows 10 is the operating system released by Microsoft in 2015. It is an upgrade from the previous version, Windows 8.1.

    One of the main differences between Windows 10 and its predecessor is the return of the Start menu. In Windows 8.1, the Start menu was replaced with a Start screen, which was not well-received by many users. Windows 10 brings back the traditional Start menu, but with a modern twist that includes live tiles and customizable options.

    Another significant change in Windows 10 is the introduction of Cortana, a virtual assistant that can help users with tasks such as setting reminders, searching the web, and opening apps. Cortana is integrated into the operating system and can be accessed by voice or text input.

    Windows 10 also includes a new web browser called Microsoft Edge, which replaces Internet Explorer. Edge is designed to be faster and more secure than its predecessor, and includes features such as a reading mode and the ability to annotate web pages.

    Overall, Windows 10 is a more user-friendly and feature-rich operating system than its previous version, Windows 8.1.

    Windows 10 Editions Comparison

    Features Windows 10 Home Windows 10 Pro Windows 10 Education Windows 10 Enterprise
    Remote Desktop
    Assigned Access
    Windows Update for Business
    Enterprise Mode Internet Explorer
    Device Guard
    Group Policy
    Domain-based DFS
    Windows To Go

    Windows 10 is a proven and widely used operating system from Microsoft. It is a key part of the Microsoft ecosystem and is designed for a variety of purposes, from professional and business tasks to ease of use at home. The flexibility of Windows 10 in everyday use makes it an ideal choice for a variety of tasks. By installing Windows 10 on both work and home PCs, users have access to all the core features of Windows, including regular system updates that keep the operating system up-to-date and secure.

    Product keys for different versions of Windows 10:

    • Windows 10 Pro: This version comes with an advanced feature set, including enterprise tools such as remote desktop, making it an ideal choice for both business and home use. Windows 10 Pro is ideal for those who want the best features and the latest updates for their PC.
    • Windows 10 Home: Optimally suited for home use, offering a wide range of entertainment and productivity features. With Windows 10 Home on your home PC, you can play games, listen to music, watch movies, browse the Internet, and work with a variety of programs.
    • Windows 10 Enterprise: An advanced version for enterprise customers that provides advanced security and management features to meet the needs of large organizations. It supports advanced device and identity management, data protection, and network security.
    • Windows 10 Education: Designed for educational institutions and provides Windows 10 Enterprise functionality customized to meet the needs of educational institutions. Provides easy-to-use tools for educators and students to help them learn and work.

    Our keys are suitable for activating official Windows 10 installers, which can be downloaded from the official Microsoft website or from our server. The keys are compatible with all language versions of the system and can be used in any country.

    How to buy Windows 10 product keys?

    At UNIQ online store you can buy genuine Windows 10 product keys at affordable prices. Buying a key from our store is accompanied by instant delivery to your email. We support all popular electronic payment methods, so you can choose the most convenient payment method.

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