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    Windows 10 Pro

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    Minimum System Requirements
    • License for: 1 PC
    • Processor: 1 Ghz
    • Architecture: 64 / 32 Bits
    • Minimum RAM: 2 GB (64 Bits) / 1 GB (32 Bits)
    • Minimum HDD: 20 GB (64 Bits) / 15 GB (32 Bits)

    Main Features

    Windows 10 Pro comes with a variety of features that make it a powerful operating system for businesses and professionals. Some of the key features include:

    • Enhanced security with Windows Defender and BitLocker
    • Remote Desktop for accessing your computer from anywhere
    • Domain Join for easy network management
    • Hyper-V for virtualization
    • Windows Ink for digital note-taking and drawing
    • Cortana personal assistant for voice commands and reminders
    • Windows Hello for biometric authentication
    • Microsoft Edge browser for faster and more secure browsing


    By using Windows 10 Pro, businesses and professionals can enjoy a range of benefits, including:

    • Increased productivity with faster boot times and improved performance
    • Better security with built-in antivirus and encryption tools
    • Easy management of devices and networks with Domain Join and Group Policy
    • Flexibility to work from anywhere with Remote Desktop and cloud integration
    • Improved collaboration with Windows Ink and Cortana
    • Lower total cost of ownership with simplified deployment and management

    The Difference Between Windows 10 and its Previous Version

    Windows 10 is the operating system released by Microsoft in 2015. It is an upgrade from the previous version, Windows 8.1.

    One of the main differences between Windows 10 and its predecessor is the return of the Start menu. In Windows 8.1, the Start menu was replaced with a Start screen, which was not well-received by many users. Windows 10 brings back the traditional Start menu, but with a modern twist that includes live tiles and customizable options.

    Another significant change in Windows 10 is the introduction of Cortana, a virtual assistant that can help users with tasks such as setting reminders, searching the web, and opening apps. Cortana is integrated into the operating system and can be accessed by voice or text input.

    Windows 10 also includes a new web browser called Microsoft Edge, which replaces Internet Explorer. Edge is designed to be faster and more secure than its predecessor, and includes features such as a reading mode and the ability to annotate web pages.

    Overall, Windows 10 is a more user-friendly and feature-rich operating system than its previous version, Windows 8.1.

    Windows 10 Editions Comparison

    Features Windows 10 Home Windows 10 Pro Windows 10 Education Windows 10 Enterprise
    Remote Desktop
    Assigned Access
    Windows Update for Business
    Enterprise Mode Internet Explorer
    Device Guard
    Group Policy
    Domain-based DFS
    Windows To Go
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