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Windows 8 is an operating system developed by Microsoft as the successor to Windows 7. It was released in 2012 and has undergone significant updates since then, with new features and improvements.

Windows 8 is available in three main versions:

  • Windows 8 Core: This is the most basic version of Windows 8, designed for regular home users. It includes basic operating system features such as the Metro (or Modern UI) interface, Windows Defender antivirus, Internet Explorer 10 browser, and access to install apps from the Windows Store. However, its functionality is limited, for example, it does not support domain joining and does not include BitLocker encryption and Hyper-V virtualization features.
  • Windows 8 Pro: This version of Windows 8 is designed for more advanced users and business-oriented companies. In addition to all the features of Windows 8 Core, Windows 8 Pro offers additional features such as domain networking support, BitLocker disk encryption, remote desktop and the ability to create virtual machines using Hyper-V. This makes Windows 8 Pro more suitable for business and professional use.
  • Windows 8 Enterprise: This is the most comprehensive version of Windows 8, designed primarily for large corporations and enterprises. It includes all the features of Windows 8 Pro, plus additional tools and features such as Windows To Go (the ability to run Windows from a USB drive), AppLocker (a tool for controlling access to applications), and advanced virtualization features. Windows 8 Enterprise also provides more flexibility in managing your computer and provides additional security and control tools.

Thus, each of the three versions of Windows 8 has its own features and is designed for a specific audience, depending on their needs and requirements.

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